Thursday, November 23, 2006

Pia Trivedi

Pia Trivedi underwent speech therapy

Problem : Pia wanted to be a VJ, but her voice was too flat. VJs have to sound peppy for an entire hour, which she couldn't get herself to do.
Solution : Just eight days of training helped her and now is now quite a successful VJ.


Drink plenty of water
Do deep breathing exercises, like pranayam, every day
Refrain from smoking (many actors smoke to get a low pitch voice like Mr. Bachchan's. They don't realise that the time they reach his age, they won't have a voice left at all)
Do not travel by two wheelers or auto rickshaws if you can avoid it, as you end up breathing the maximum dust and smoke this way and that does a lot of harm to your voice
Fish and honey are both good for your voice. Eat them as often as you can

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