Thursday, November 20, 2008

Top 5 Black Beauties Of All Times

They aint desi but they sure are beautiful !

Starting at #5 - Vanessa Williams

vanessa williams.jpg Hosted For Free By

Claim to fame = Actress, Singer and the First african american woman to be Miss America.

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#4 Tyra Banks

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Claim to fame : American supermodel , tv show host and actress

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#3 Iman Abdulmajid Bowie

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Claim to fame : Supermodel wife of Dawid Bowie

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#2 Beyonce Knowles

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Claim to fame : Singer , Actress , Hottie !!!

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#1 Naomi Campbell (had to be Naomi @ #1)

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Claim to fame : Being Naomi Campbell !!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Aparna Sen

Aparna Sen is easily on of the most beautiful and graceful women India has ever seen.
I came across the dvd of Merchant-Ivory's Hullabaloo Over Georgie and Bonnie's Pictures (1978) and found it to be a very enjoyable movie. Ive not seen much of Aparna Sen , but she is a fantastic actress for sure and highly underrated at that probably unknown to the mainstream bollwood audiences.

Smoking hot (no pun intended)

aparna_sen_desibabesandhunks__3_.JPG Hosted For Free By aparna_sen_desibabesandhunks__4_.JPG Hosted For Free By aparna_sen_desibabesandhunks__10_.JPG Hosted For Free By
aparna_sen_desibabesandhunks__14_.JPG Hosted For Free By aparna_sen_desibabesandhunks__21_.JPG Hosted For Free By aparna_sen_desibabesandhunks__24_.JPG Hosted For Free By
aparna_sen_desibabesandhunks__26_.JPG Hosted For Free By aparna_sen_desibabesandhunks__42_.JPG Hosted For Free By aparna_sen_desibabesandhunks__45_.JPG Hosted For Free By
aparna_sen_desibabesandhunks__47_.JPG Hosted For Free By aparna_sen_desibabesandhunks__64_.JPG Hosted For Free By aparna_sen_desibabesandhunks__67_.JPG Hosted For Free By
aparna_sen_desibabesandhunks__72_.JPG Hosted For Free By aparna_sen_desibabesandhunks__78_.JPG Hosted For Free By aparna_sen_desibabesandhunks__82_.JPG Hosted For Free By
aparna_sen_desibabesandhunks__92_.JPG Hosted For Free By aparna_sen_desibabesandhunks__94_.JPG Hosted For Free By
aparna_sen_desibabesandhunks__97_.JPG Hosted For Free By aparna_sen_desibabesandhunks__99_.JPG Hosted For Free By aparna_sen_desibabesandhunks__102_.JPG Hosted For Free By

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Leela Naidu - One of India's Most Beautiful Women

I had been trying to get hold of the dvd merchant ivory productions "The Householder" for quite some time now for the singular reason of seeing the beautiful Leela Naidu , although the movie is fairly enjoyable as well. Vogue Magazine named her, along with Maharani Gayatri Devi, as one of the world's most beautiful women then. She is partly european origins with her mother being French. Her imdb page lists a few more movies and some british tv shows as well.

leela_naidu_desibabesandhunks__1_.JPG Hosted For Free By leela_naidu_desibabesandhunks__9_.JPG Hosted For Free By leela_naidu_desibabesandhunks__12_.JPG Hosted For Free By leela_naidu_desibabesandhunks__24_.JPG Hosted For Free By leela_naidu_desibabesandhunks__33_.JPG Hosted For Free By leela_naidu_desibabesandhunks__109_.JPG Hosted For Free By leela_naidu_desibabesandhunks__117_.JPG Hosted For Free By leela_naidu_desibabesandhunks__119_.JPG Hosted For Free By leela_naidu_desibabesandhunks__88_.JPG Hosted For Free By leela_naidu_desibabesandhunks__92_.JPG Hosted For Free By leela_naidu_desibabesandhunks__94_.JPG Hosted For Free By leela_naidu_desibabesandhunks__95_.JPG Hosted For Free By leela_naidu_desibabesandhunks__98_.JPG Hosted For Free By leela_naidu_desibabesandhunks__99_.JPG Hosted For Free By leela_naidu_desibabesandhunks__101_.JPG Hosted For Free By leela_naidu_desibabesandhunks__116_.JPG Hosted For Free By

Monday, July 07, 2008

Shriya Saran - This Girl Has It All !!

shriya-saran--desibabesandhunks1.jpg Hosted For Free By LOOKS , Talent and a great attitude.
She is byfar the most beautiful actress today , move over the deepikas and sonams of the world , shriya has had it tough, she had to struggle down in the south and she came up the ladder well and how, she is quickly climbing up the ladder in bollywood as well.

official website of shriya saran

Sonali Kulkarni - Wasting Talent

2_sonalik-desibabesandhunks.jpg Hosted For Free By 1_sonalik-desibabesandhunks__1_.jpg Hosted For Free By

She has won awards and accolades all over but all it all it seems she has been wasted really , her acting prowess are second to none , and she would play the perfect example of a normal girl roles and not a glam doll like most half-talented heroines are. What she lacks perhaps is a good director , shyam benegal perhaps. She has done some pretty bad movies recently though.

Sonali's official website

Sherlyn Chopra - GORGEOUS

sherlynchopra2-desibabesandhunks12.JPG Hosted For Free By sherlynchopra1-desibabesandhunks1.JPG Hosted For Free By with a capital G O R G E O U S , yes well atleast till a few years back , She keeps herself in the news now and then by her statements and photoshoots.

Red Swastik in which she starred in was a poor copy of “I Spit On Your Grave” , might i add sherlyn's acting skills aint that bad either , and with the kind of storyline they had the movie could have been really well done with sherlyn as the lead but that was not quite the case.

Her official website

Neetu Chandra in Leather Boots

neetuc-desibabesandhunks.jpg Hosted For Free By I seriously like leather boots on long slender legs , it is sexiness defined , however neetu here looks quite the misfit particularly because she is (a)fat (b)short , infact it almost looks like the boots are about to ripoff , who in their right minds has such ideas ? Neetu chandra doing a lara croft !!!... what next govinda as spiderman ?

grabin some of shilpa

1_Shilpa_Shetty_-desibabesandhunks1.jpg Hosted For Free By shilpa is always a delight , particularly in the last few years when she toned in well and probably got herself a nosejob as well , its been downhill for her in bollywood but she seems to have reached fame that no indian actress barring aishwarya has achived.

Shefali Zariwala The Kaanta Still Stings

2_shefali_zariwala_-desibabesandhunks.jpg Hosted For Free By Shefali Zariwala has to be one of the hottest girls from the pop music video scene ...which seems to have gone downhill of late , we got the meghna naidus and rakhi sawants from there but of late all we see is some halfnaked bimbos gyrating around vulgarly , shefali is hot though , she had a nice homely look and a very sexy bod and expressions which set her apart from the other girls.

Shrila Geen - Imported Maal

1_Shrila_geen_Miss_India_Holland-desibabesandhunks.jpg Hosted For Free By Quite something Shrila Geen is a model / writer / pageant winner of indian origins from Holland and quite a treat to the eyes.