Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sherlyn Chopra - Living the dream !!

Sherlyn Chopra Bollywood had nothing to offer for her, with roles becoming thin & stuck with the C grade tag, Sherlyn had nothing going for her. And in came Hugh Hefner!! She is now going to appear in the Playboy Magazine completely in the buff, she has done what other cgraders like poonam pandey have only been dreaming of.

Zoa Morani - Talk about getting lucky

Zoa Morani Getting a break in bollywood is what every indian girl dreams of, there is the usual route of small roles where the girls climb the ladder laid with exploitative men at each step, and then there is Zoa Morani, born in the lap of luxury daughter of film producer Karim Morani who himself seems to be doing really well considering his involvement in the 2G Scam.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sarah Jane Dias

sarah jane dias stills 1 copy Mary Jane had Spiderman to help her out every now & then, but poor Sarah Jane has no such luck with her debut film Game ending in a disaster. South should have better luck for her as a replacement for the Illeana's & Kaajal's down south who are looking for greener pastures in Bollywood.

Jacqueline Fernandez - Buddha Mil Gaya

Jacqueline Fernandez is dating 15years her senior the roly poly Sajid Khan, a move surely to help advance her career, and it has paid off!! Houseful 2 did really well in the cinema & the overseas market. Seems like Jacqueline had almost given up & moved into new Bgrade cinema territory of emranhashmi-kiss-bikini cinema, a new genre invented by the bhatts (not that Im complaining)Sajid Khan helped the damsel in distress from the evil lips of Emran Hashmi, and now she does have quite a few good things to look upto (cinemawise & not sajidwise im sure :P)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Genelia D'souza Deshmukh - Langoor ke haath Angoor

If ever there was a real life example to the phrase "Langoor ke haath Angoor" this would be it. Cockeyed nerdy stammering Ritesh Deshmukh had an easy way into bollywood thanks to his politician father. With several scams under his belt, money is the last of their worries for the Deshmukh household & Genelia has landed herself into the gold mine. With minimal acting talents Genelia had hard luck in Bollywood & had to turn down south, With almost a decade in the industry Genelia is still looked as a rank newcomer when it comes to Bollywood, the south film industry is quite exploitative when it comes to actresses & Genelia found the easier way out to get married to the goldmine.

Kalki Koechlin - Firang in Bollywood

Kalki Firangs in hindi cinema is nothing new, but none after Mary Ann Evans better known as Fearless Nadia has become as popular as Kalki Koechlin, yes she has had help from her mentor Anurag Kashyap (and she has helped him a bit as well as we learn) she is a fine actress.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra A very Happy Birthday to Priyanka Chopra - may she lead a long & happy life, may her nose never fall off, may her lips never need a collagen refill!!

Richa Gangopadhyay - The hottest new actress in Indian Film Industry

richa gangopadhyay 2 wide hot n spicy actress richa gangopadhyay photos I think Richa is the hottest actress in India today, reminds me of Priyanka Chopra ... just more prettier. Wisely she chose not to do insignificant hindi movies & go straight down south, I think she is going to hit it big in bollywood as well!!

Kajal Aggarwal

35993613149060777926 Kajal Agarwal seductive Another hindi failure who went down south & became a success only to return back to hindi cinema.

Shruti Hassan - Another Esha Deol in the making ?

75065352643973461889 Three years since Luck & shruti hassan still hasnt an iota of it in the hindi film industry, surprisingly untalented an actress Shruti's career seems to be going the Esha Deol way.

Tamanna Bhatia - Hot Down South

50440897132327131939 According to Tamanna Bhatia's Wiki page she made her debut with Chand Sa Roshan Chehra in 2005 when she was only 15 years old !! She has been sort of doing very well down south & as expected will do a hindi 'comeback' like all these actresses who go down south do. Interestingly she is paired with Ajay Devgan (20years older than her)in Sajid Khan's remake of Himmatwala.

Veena Mallik - Pakistani Export

veena malik Veena manages to stay in the news mainly for the wrong reasons, she has done better in India than even she imagined, however the honeymoon period seems to be getting over soon & she is in trouble of getting packed off to Pakistan.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Afshan Azad - She Should Make a Harry Potter Fan Out Of You

Padma Patil from Harry Potter movies, Afshan Azad is of Bangladeshi descent. She must have a really bad Agent for we have not seen her in anything except Harry Potter, not to mention she till recently had a really hard time running from her Muslim Family who had branded her as a prostitute
Afshan Azaad 1

Afshan Azaad 2 Afshan Azaad 1 (1) Afshan Azaad 1 (2)

Afshan Azaad 1 (3) Afshan Azaad 1 (4)

Afshan Azaad 1 (5)

The Aishwarya from TV - Aishwarya Sakhuja

The very Tasty Aishwarya plays the very popular Toasty in Sony TV's Saas Bina Sasural! .. Aishwarya Sakhuja copy

Aishwarya Sakhuja 2 copy