Saturday, January 12, 2008

Where Has The "Gaaon Ki Gori" Disappeared to ?

Movies with rural settings have been dying out a slow death to the point that now there is no rural representation in cinema , everything happens either in mumbai or in some city in USA , Bollywood has moved out of villages totally , the gaaon ki gori who is seduced by the sheher ka launda , the laughing gigling village bells singing with gay abandon have all been replaces by miniskirted girls gyrating vulgarly.

gaaon_ki_gori_-_desibabesandhunks-22__2_.jpg Hosted For Free By gaaon_ki_gori_-_desibabesandhunks-22__91_.jpg Hosted For Free By gaaon_ki_gori_-_desibabesandhunks-22__100_.jpg Hosted For Free By

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