Wednesday, January 16, 2008

India's Hottest - Bruna Abdallah

Brazilian Bruna Abdallah hosts "India's Hottest" on Channel V , and a lot many of us tune into that show just because of that. Bruna has been modelling for a while now, we have seen her on the ramp in the fashion weeks , we also saw her sizzling in a song "rehem kare" in the movie Cash last year. The promo for the show is amazingly shot , I pity aditya who hosts the show with her, it must be impossible to concentrate on anything if you have someone looking as hot as her next to ya.

More Bruna Abdulla Pics

Bruna_Abdallah-desibabesandhunks__11_.jpg Hosted For Free By Bruna_Abdallah-desibabesandhunks__24_.jpg Hosted For Free By Bruna_Abdallah-desibabesandhunks__29_.jpg Hosted For Free By
Bruna_Abdallah-desibabesandhunks__42_.jpg Hosted For Free By Bruna_Abdallah-desibabesandhunks__45_.jpg Hosted For Free By Bruna_Abdallah-desibabesandhunks__59_.jpg Hosted For Free By

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