Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunita Menon - Celebrity Astrologer

Sunita menon is a tarot card reader / astrologer / charlatan whatever you call it , one might not belive in what she does, but one cannot argue she does have quite a hold over quite a few powerful people including film personalities to corporate houses who rush to her for every little bit of 'advice'. This was a show of her back on zoom a few years back & as we can see this former airhostess is quite the dish.
This is one show Zoom should really get back on air.

Sunita Menon Pics Gallery

sunita_menon-desibabesandhunks__30_.JPG Hosted For Free By sunita_menon-desibabesandhunks__76_.JPG Hosted For Free By sunita_menon-desibabesandhunks__151_.JPG Hosted For Free By

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