Saturday, January 19, 2008

Roadies 5 Audition - Day 3 - Delhi Rocks !!

Roadies wasnt really able to get anyone good from the two previous auditions , no one seemed interesting enough , specially the chicks they were BORING and it seemed like that this could just be the death of roadies , but Delhi proved me wrong (and im sure lot of people agree with me there) 5 roadies got picked up & all are very interesting , and the chicks ... totally amazing !! sonel singh (20), vikrant rathore (26) , ankita sehgal (22) anmol singh (19) , shambhavi sharma (18)

Lets start off with shambhavi , typical collegiate cute young girlfriend type who looks like she hasnt a bad bone in her body , she danced hot though so looks pretty free spirited

shambhavi shambhavi shambhavi

Next up is Anmol Singh , she seemed very sweet & down to earth , not sure if she has some edge to her , hopefully she doesnt turn up to be another 'oorja' who actually tried for the auditions here again.

anmol_singh-desibabesandhunks__99_.jpg Hosted For Free By anmol_singh-desibabesandhunks__77_.jpg Hosted For Free By anmol_singh-desibabesandhunks__52_.jpg Hosted For Free By

Third roadie from the city is Vikrant who is a DJ , and looks to be one slimy customer , absolutely what the show needed at this point of time.

vikrant.jpg Hosted For Free By vikrant__1_.jpg Hosted For Free By vikrant__4_.jpg Hosted For Free By

Next up is another very interesting girl , absolute wild child rebel call what you may , she is complete attitude & best of all its all real , she aint faking a think and she sure looks like will have confrontations and arguments with quite a few and will be on the good side of most of the guys ,AND need i add she can really look very hot if she wanted. She is definitely one of my favourites on the show. Hopefully there will be a lot of her to see on the show. god i love wild girls

ankita-desibabesandhunks-99__29_.jpg Hosted For Free By ankita-desibabesandhunks-99__97_.jpg Hosted For Free By ankita-desibabesandhunks-99__132_.jpg Hosted For Free By

Save the best for the last as they say , Sonel - my roadie pick , Im pretty sure they arent going to get anyone better than sonel she is completely crazy. She is sureshot
going to be on the better side of all the boys and she does seem to be quite on the hunt, yet another wild one we have here , and those gul panagish dimples , this chick is surely my favourite this roadies.

sonel-desibabesandhunks__34_.jpg Hosted For Free By sonel-desibabesandhunks__108_.jpg Hosted For Free By sonel-desibabesandhunks__133_.jpg Hosted For Free By

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Kn said...

Hi mate,
We have a mtv roadies zone going on over on our site.
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Anonymous said...

Nice write up. You may like to post your blog link on diggsamachar for greater coverage.

desibabesandhunks said...

@Kn - Sure go ahead , have seen your roadies section , pretty cool stuff there, let me know if you need anything or anyone more from roadies as well