Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sarika - An 80's Hindi Film Favourite of mine

This lesser known marathi mulgi started off her career as a child actress migrating to the more westernized roles that came her way in the 80's . I must concede sarika's exquisite face & porcelain complexion made me her fan ever since i saw her & then saw her in quite a bit of those 80's b-movies and smaller movies where she was paired with another child star sachin. She has made a comeback of sorts recently specially this year when two performances of her should be recognized Parzania & Bheja Fry , specially in Parzania where she was absolutely spectacular , But ofcourse there will be no awards or even nominations her way for it in a category deserving of the role.

Caught sarika in a bmovie starring amjad khan & ranjeet as good guys and Ajit as the bad guy , has some hilarious action sequences of vinod mehra try to catch the movie some day - rakhi ki saugandh Sarika is blind for the first half of the movie , in the second half she turns into this sexy vixen who just had to be capped.

sarika pics sarika pics sarika pics

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