Monday, January 21, 2008

Rajeshwari Badola

Wife of Varun Badola , rajeshwari is one of the underappreciated actresses in the industry , she is a shyam benegal regular having worked in as many as six shyam benegal films, a film by Basu Chatterjee & also has been cast opposite Keanu Reaves in Bernardo Bertolucci's little buddha. She has also been a successful popstar as well , quite a powerhouse of talent.

Rageshwari Pics

rageshwari_badola_-_desibabesandhunks-77__16_.jpg Hosted For Free By rageshwari_badola_-_desibabesandhunks-77__21_.jpg Hosted For Free By rageshwari_badola_-_desibabesandhunks-77__44_.jpg Hosted For Free By

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