Tuesday, January 15, 2008

DJ Megha makes her music video debut !!

DJ Megha ..better known for us as model Megha Kawale cut out an album & a music video to go along with it. Her choice of song for the music video is one of my favorite tracks , a song which we dont just like to hear but loved to see it as well , who can forget the tantalizing Saira Banu's sizzling towel dance in Victoria 203 ??
Megha had it easy , she herself is no less an eyecandy than anyone but also got her model friends to star along in the video - Dipanita Sharma, Nina Manuel, Jesse Randhawa, Fleur Xavier , but im sure megha will be the first to accept that the video aint upto the mark , it looks like any other music video shot in a night club with some flashy cuts , more style than substance , a simpler idea would've been to do the number just like the original , pretty sure these lovely ladies doing the saira banu act would've pushed up the trp's.

Thoda Sa Thehro

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