Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Prema Narayan - Bollywood Vamp

Miss India 1971 runner up prema narayan has easily done over a 100 movies , one might've seen her in a movie just for a few seconds or so but prema did leave an impression. One of the last vamps in bollywood as that character has been eliminated totally. We've had some really amazing vamps in bollywood helen , bindu , kalpana iyer, padma khanna & ofcourse Prema Narayan. The westernized vamp showing ample leg & cleavage dancing at a night club with firang extras or the moll smoking a long cigarette in the villans den .. prema did it all with ease. And she was also not a bad when it came to acting as we have seen in Umrao Jaan & various other films where she did put in a decent performance. Wonder where she has disappeared , havent read or seen anything about her ever.

Prema Narayan

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