Sunday, January 06, 2008

Amrita Rao in Champion Chaalbaaz No.1

Amrita Rao was on Champion Chaalbaaz No.1 on SONY this week , looking as pretty as usual , the lead of her new movie nikhil dwivedi pulled up a small prank on her.
While Champion Chaalbaaz No.1 might be a novel idea it is executed poorly and this is partly due to the fact that they have a very lackluster team - Jassi is too odd for this , cyrus is way past his sell by date & sajid khan has put on a huge attitude ever since hey baby was released and the guy simply isnt as funny anymore furthermore the pranks are childish & at lot of times insulting , the good humour element goes out , there must be sticter guidelines for the contestants , overall the show isnt doing too well and we know why.

Amrita Rao pics from Champion Chaalbaaz No.1

amrita_rao-desibabesandhunks5__26_.jpg Hosted For Free By amrita_rao-desibabesandhunks5__42_.jpg Hosted For Free By amrita_rao-desibabesandhunks5__68_.jpg Hosted For Free By

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