Monday, December 04, 2006

Sameera Reddy !!

Actress Sameera Reddy, belongs to the genre of the sensual women, who were born to have hips, breasts and thighs as an indicator of fertility and beauty. The traditional Indian woman – with all the right curves.

Sameera was earlier an overweight girl, constantly compared to her conventionally pretty sisters – Sushma and Meghna. She wanted to prove herself, and that's when the struggle began.

“It took me a lot of self-introspection and conviction to believe that I too was beautiful. I used to swim and jog 6 kms daily. And let me tell you it was tough.”

Her defining line:
Sameera says "I exercise to feel good and healthy not just to have a slim body."

Her Vital Stats
Height - 5’6’’

Her Diet
Careful with her diet, Sameera skips aerated drinks, has lots of fruits, a healthy vegetarian lunch and a high protein dinner between 8 - 9 pm. "Since the body's metabolism slows down, it's better not to eat later than that. I also find it healthier to have smaller meals through the day rather than having two heavy meals.

I smoke and drink very occasionally. But when it comes to food, once a week I let myself go and eat whatever I want to."

Her Stress-buster
Prone to stress frequently, her best stress-buster is cross training or swimming.

Sameera Reddy !!

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