Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sonali Verma

Sonali started off as a newsreader on ndtv hindi & starnews a few years back , she moved on to entertainment anchoring and did appear in a lot of such shows , was also breifly with cnbc awaaz in a show called 'Glamour Bazaar' which seems to have been taken off air for reasons best known to them. Suprisingly sonali moved to television acting in a lot of tv shows and for quite some time now, she seems to be off the page3 parties & i have never seen her interviews on tv perhaps thats why she hasnt really become a household name just yes, but one thing for sure there are many fans of sonali verma around , more than actually one can imagine. Hope to see and add more of her in the coming days.

sonali verma pics sonali verma pics
sonali verma pics sonali verma pics

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