Thursday, December 13, 2007

Shama Sikander - Is Shama ke Hai Bahut Saare Deewane

As hot as they come , shama sikandar came into the spotlight as a homely gujju girl in sony tv's yeh meri life hai , the show faded away and shama seems to have made a concious decision, must say she is looking really hot she did in the spate of brgaders she did back when she started out pre ymlh days, we all gotta pay our rent eh ;)

She is looking really stunning nowadays , and probably seems set for some bollywood work, and she's not a bad actress at all , her simple homely girl act in yml with a typical gujju accent was pretty well done.
She got knocked out of jhoom india recently but i did manage to cap an episode where she sung the sreedevi part of the chandni song & she did it with style !!

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shama sikander shama sikander

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