Saturday, December 22, 2007

Karishma Kapoor on SaReGaMaPa

Karishma Kapoor looked more gorgeous than i have seen her in recent times probably almost in a long long time. Ive always rated Karishma very highly in terms of looks as well as an actress, its really strange how karishma is overlooked or ranked lower so many times when one compiles a list of most beautiful indian women. Even among the kapoor sisters , kareena might be the more successful out of the two with bigger banners to her credit but karishma still owns when it boils down to looks. Her lithe feminine grace is unmatched & the natural kapoor complexion & skin tone is simply midblowing, Dont take my word for it check out the caps from saregamapa.

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kareena kapoor pics kareena kapoor pics

Karishma Kapoor Pics

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you...she does tend to get underestimated in looks and acting but thats ok cause it work to her advantage. And I also don't understand why rank modestly for sexiness...what does one have to do wear mini skirt all the time??? :)