Monday, July 07, 2008

Bhairavi Goswami of "Bheja Fry" fame

1_bhairavi_goswami_-__-desibabesandhunks1.JPG Hosted For Free By 1_bhairavi_goswami_-__-desibabesandhunks1__1_.JPG Hosted For Free By Bhairavi Goswami sure looked mighty fine in Bheja Fry, they are making a sequel of this movie and hopefully bhairavi will get a look in again, Bheja Fry has to be one of the funniest films ive seen in the last decade or so if not the best ever so , there are so many unfunny 'comedies' which are comming out lately which are bombing at the BO , they dont have the cheap 'masti' jokes for the front benchers nor do they have any humor for the more refined crowd. Oh btw Loins of punjab which came out late last year was howlarious as well ..unfortunately doesnt seem to be out on dvd yet.

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