Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sophia Mirza, Pakistani Model has sophia mirza in at #24 on their The 25 Ultimate Women List.

Number 24
Sophia Mirza
Points: OVERALL(85) FACE(14), BDY(57),OTHER(14)
Overview: Not as big a name as some other Pakistani models such as Amna Haq and Vaneeza, but when it comes to beauty, Sophia is simply gorgeous. With ultra fair skin and a glow which would make Snow White jealous, she can light the room with a simple smile. But that is not the reason she is here. The simple reason she is here is near perfect body. No one looks more stunning in a shalwar kameez. Infact, Sophia should get a perfect 15 out of 15 for her awe-inspiring curves. We can only give her so much for her personality and reputation, because she is pretty much a nobody when compared to the other subcontinent giants.

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